banking bank‧ing [ˈbæŋkɪŋ] noun [uncountable]
1. BANKING the business activity of banks and similar institutions:

• a large, New York-based banking company

• The banking industry will strongly oppose these new regulations.

conˌsumer ˈbanking BANKING
another name for retail banking
inˌvestment ˈbanking BANKING
the work done by investment bank S
ˌoffshore ˈbanking BANKING TAX
when banks are based abroad in a country where you pay less tax than in your own country:

• Government officials dislike the rise of offshore banking.

• Cyprus is becoming an international offshore banking center.

ˌretail ˈbanking BANKING
the part of a bank's work that is concerned with providing services to members of the public, rather than to businesses or large organizations
ˌuniversal ˈbanking BANKING
when a bank performs a range of banking activities:

• Banco Central is a classic institution of the universal banking type, covering all areas of banking and with a strong industrial portfolio.

2. BANKING COMPUTING using the services that a bank provides
ˈhome ˌbanking BANKING COMPUTING
a service provided by banks that allows people to pay money from one account into another, pay bills etc by email or telephone:

• Many people use their computers for home banking and home shopping.

ˌonline ˈbanking also ˌelectronic ˈbanking BANKING COMPUTING
a service provided by banks that allows people to pay money from one account to another, pay bills etc over the Internet:

• With electronic banking, consumers can pay credit card, utility and other bills and check their bank accounts using their PC.

ˌInternet ˈbanking BANKING COMPUTING
the services provided by banks that only exist on the Internet :

• Internet banking allows customers to carry out transactions, money transfers and other business 24 hours a day.

ˌtelephone ˈbanking BANKING
when customers have an arrangement with a bank to be able to find out by telephone how much money they have in their account, ask for payments to be made etc

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banking UK US /ˈbæŋkɪŋ/ noun [U] BANKING
the business of operating a bank or providing the services of a bank: »

international banking


banking industry/sector

See also CONSUMER BANKING(Cf. ↑consumer banking), INVESTMENT BANKING(Cf. ↑investment banking), OFFSHORE BANKING(Cf. ↑offshore banking), RETAIL BANKING(Cf. ↑retail banking), SHADOW BANKING(Cf. ↑shadow banking), UNIVERSAL BANKING(Cf. ↑universal banking)
the act of using the services of a bank: »

I prefer to do my banking locally.


Do you do your banking online?

See also HOME BANKING(Cf. ↑home banking), INTERNET BANKING(Cf. ↑internet banking), ONLINE BANKING(Cf. ↑online banking), TELEPHONE BANKING(Cf. ↑telephone banking)

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